Essay 3: Formal Draft

The goal of this exercise is to produce a formal draft of your third essay. To produce your formal draft, you will extensively revise and develop your zero draft using ideas from class and suggestions provided in my feedback.

Estimated time: 2-3 hours
Due by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, December 5th


  1. Read the guidelines for the Scholarly Research Essay, the model scholarly research essay, and the guidelines for naming and formatting essay drafts.
  2. Revise your zero draft into a polished formal draft of 4-5 pages. You should analyze your central question(s) closely to determine what type of theoretical sources you must introduce and use in your essay. Keep researching to add more sources that can either work as your support or counterargument. End your draft with your tentative thesis, which would be your answers to your central research questions.
  3. Include a Works Cited list on a separate page using MLA style. Refer to the course textbook for help with this. You can also look into the MLA guidelines developed by Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab(OWL).
  4. Name your Word document as explained in the course syllabus and then submit it to:
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