Exercise 3.4

For Wednesday: Print out and bring your introduction draft (this homework) to class. We will continue working on your introductions. Also, make sure that you can access the “Identifying Problems” handout.

The goal of this exercise is to draft the introduction of your scholarly research essay.

Due by 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 21st
Estimated time: 1 hour

Draft an introduction for your scholarly research essay in which you:

  • briefly present your exhibit to your readers
  • describe the intellectual or interpretive problem you’ve observed
  • ask the central question that you will try to answer in your essay

Your introduction should be one paragraph long, but keep in mind that you will have to flesh it out into multiple paragraphs in your Zero Draft. Post your responses below.

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24 Responses to Exercise 3.4

  1. Bridget says:

    The movie I will be presenting is called Warm Bodies produced by Jonathan Levine. The movie is based on a novel by Isaac Marion in 2010. Three years later it was made into a film starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. The plot of the story is about a mall zombie named “R” trying to figure out his purpose and is wondering if there is more to life until he meets a girl named Julie while on a hunt for food. He instantly becomes entranced and saves her from a horde of zombies. He takes her with him where she eventually get to know him. Thus the story begins and the journey of how “R” and Julie become friends. Which begs the following questions, are zombies capable of emotions? If so, then can patience and understanding influence a heart that is incapable of feeling?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good start. Research more to find out the existing opinions about how this movie subverts (or doesn’t subvert) clichés of zombie horror as a genre. Then you might ask: Does this movie’s portrayal of zombies challenge our perception of them as monsters? If such an attempt is being made, is it successful?

  2. Deanna Barbarito says:

    The movie I chose is “Stoker”, which was directed by Park Chan-Wook. The story is about a teenage girl, India Stoker; whose father dies in an accident. Shortly after this her Uncle Charlie, who she did not know existed comes to stay with her and her mother, though his intentions are more sinister than they appear to be, as he begins to groom India to become a murderer. This story focuses on India’s descent into maturity, as well as her evolution into a murderer. As such, the movie tries to show us the humanity among those that everyday people would find monstrous, as we see both Charlie, and India’s motivations, and actions unfold. The questions raised by this movie are: Does Nature or Nurture decide on whether we become monstrous? Is there humanity inside of those that commit unspeakable actions?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good work. Since you are addressing a central issue/question in the film, you would need to find out what other reviewers and critics are saying about your question. If they seem to argue that the movie picks Nature in favor of Nurture (or the other way around), think about your own response to that and work that into your research question.

  3. Christos Kotsonis says:

    The movie I choose is Venom and is directed by Ruben Fleischer. The story is about a symbiont hat is the body of Eddie Brock and Eddie is trying to save his life from escaping from the symbiont called Venom. At the end of the movie venom and the main character will work together and fight to protect the earth from an alien attack that could destroy earth for good. The main idea of the story is that sometimes in life you will have to go against your will and your egos and you will have to fight for the good of others. The question that is raised from this movie is what will it happed if the good venom and the main character choose to don’t fight for earth`s good and who could protect earth from the super powers of the aliens that tried to destroy the world? Also are we save in real life from an alien attack and what supper powers can protect us from a type of monster.

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Fair effort. At this stage you seem to be assuming that Venom and Eddie both have a reason to not want to fight for the humanity, but you would need to elaborate on why you think that way (are there plot points or clues that point towards it?). Also, research professional film critics’ review of Venom to understand what they are saying in terms of Venom/Eddie’s heroism.

  4. The movie I chose is “The Shape Of Water”, which was directed by Guillermo del Toro. It is the 1960s during the Cold War. Elisa is an isolated woman who is a mute and she works in a government laboratory as a cleaning lady. She only has two friends, Zelda, a black woman and considerate co-worker who does all the talking for both of them, and Giles, he is aging painter and also is Elisa’s neighbor, but he is a homosexual. Elisa’s life changes when she discovers the Amazonian Amphibian Man inside a confined water tank, he is a research object that if can instead human to send to outer space. As Elisa develops a unique relationship with her new friend, and she tries to save him. However, to face the government agent and a marine biologist, if she is probably to help the fish man escape or not. The movie exists some issue about race, sexual and even appearance, and whatever Elisa, Zelda or Giles, they’re the outsider in society because of disabled, race and homosexual. The question raised by the movie: Are people labeled that they never have the chance to escape?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good start. You have observed interesting details in the film that affect our way of accepting the romance plot, namely that both the main character and the fish person are outcasts in some way. You might want to ask yourself why this movie chose to portray Elisa as a mute person (surrounded by people who represent minority groups as well), how the movie portrays the interspecies romance, and research the existing opinion about this aspect of the movie.

  5. Raj says:

    The movie “Hulk -2003” which I chose is an American superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name directed by Ang Lee which stars Eric Bana (Bruce Banner) as the title character, Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross. The film starts by exploring the origin of Bruce Banner, who after a lab accident involving gamma radiation finds himself able to turn into a huge, humanoid, green-skinned monster as hulk whenever he is emotionally provoked or stressed. When Bruce’s love to Betty comes through, then he transforms into his human state. Bruce even in his monstrous form he protects his love Betty from dangers by fighting with the evil. Later, when movie reached to climax Bruce father (David) who has his own dark agenda for his son, transforms into a powerful electrical being afterwards there happen a long fight between Bruce as Hulk and David. The questions that can raised from this movie are Can a monster possess the feeling of love and save its love, is it emotionally fascinating to audience? Also, between David and Bruce who is the real monster, Are they harmful or in the favor of humankind?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good start. As discussed in class, you are touching on a very common theme on superhero movies, which is: is the “hero” an actual heroic figure or just a dangerous mutant with terrifying powers? You might want to find some scholarly articles that discuss such dilemma in superhero movies to understand your film’s context better.

  6. Amber Roman says:

    The movie I’ve chosen is Super Size Me produced and directed by Morgan Spurlock. This movie is about Morgan himself going through an experiment of showing the effects of eating fast food for 30 days. Morgan goes through a dramatic change in his life by consuming McDonalds 3 times a day, for 30 days and he is displaying the effects it has on his health, physically and emotionally. He gains about 10 pounds in his first week and started to feel sick and sluggish from eating this fast food and this can be an effect on many americans across the world by eating this fast food product and he is just trying to get a message out about how bad these places can be for you. That goes into the question about fast food restaurant, what can they do to change that effect on their consumers? Is it the ingredients in their products? Also why do some families choose fast food over cooking a meal at home? May it be cost? Maybe it is convenience?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good start. However, it seems that you are focusing more on the real life issue rather than the documentary itself. Since Super Size Me caused some controversy about the method of conveying the message (or how truthful it really is as a documentary), you would need to research existing opinions about it and figure out your own response to the controversy. You might ask yourself: does the documentary suggest a way to avoid unhealthy food?

  7. Xinmiao Xu says:

    The movie I chose is “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which was directed by Robert Mulligan, release on December 25, 1962. This film through an unfair justice case clearly reflects the serious racial discrimination in the society in the 1960s. And the other interesting observation is that people choose to believe what they want to believe instead of the truth which is still the problem now. In this case, Even though all the proof points that the black guy is innocent, the jury still prefers the white girl who is obviously lying. And during the justice, the lawyer who helped the black guy was also rejected by all the people, and most of them he helped a lot in the past. So, why? why do people choose to believe this girl instead of the truth? Are they really foolish or they just don’t want to admit?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good work. As discussed in class, you would want to consider both the racial conflict and people’s willful acceptance of falsehood to get a clear focus. Research critical opinions about this conflict in the film to better understand why and how this is viewed as problematic, and think about your own response to it.

  8. Hedy Chou says:

    The movie I chose is Biohazard: Damnation which was directed by Makoto Kamiya, released on October 27, 2012. This film is based off the franchise Resident Evil ,and follows the lore of the game as well. The main creatures featured are called BOWs(Bio Organic Weapons). These BOWs are similar and act like zombies. However the main difference is appearance and how they act. These BOWs are initially infected by a parasitic virus which was created by the the umbrella organization . These parasites enter the body and grow eventually turning the host into BOW. These BOWs can also transfer eggs into other human beings, thus infecting others by force. In the film however we can see specific species of BOWs to be controlled by other humans. The question to be asked is who are the real monsters, the BOWs or the ones that control them?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good start. During the conference hour, you’ve mentioned that you’re interested in the possible relationship between zombie virus tropes and real-life manipulation of people committed by world leaders. You would need to do find scholarly discussions that analyze zombie apocalypse scenarios as some sort of representation of real life, and/or why people continue to find such scenarios terrifying.

  9. sumra says:

    My essay is about the movie “Get Out (2017)” which is written and directed by Jordan Peele and is produced by Sean McKittrick. The story is about Chris Washington (played by Daniel Kaluuya) who is a young African- American and is in relationship with a white girl Rose Armitage (played by Allison Williams). When Chris visits his girlfriend Rose’s family first time for a weekend he observes very unsettling situation at their house, specially with the house staff who were also black like Chris. Chris tried to find out the truth behind the disturbing events, but Rose’s mother who is a hypnotist confronts Chris and he feels trapped. He realizes that even though the family seems normal and calm about him and Rose, but there was a bigger picture about the whole racial aspect of their relationship. Unable to solve the mystery and feeling terrified with her unusual family, Chris tries to escape but can’t get out (the main idea behind movie name). The question raise by the movie is whether inter-racial relationships are still seen by people as monstrous or weird? Did the writer purposefully portrayed black men as strong, smart and attractive to target the hidden desires of White American women for black men?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good work, and clear central question. As you’ve stated, you can focus on the intention of the director or writer in portraying interracial relationship in a certain way. Research the existing critical opinion of Black man-White woman relationship portrayed in the movie and form your own opinion as an answer to that.

  10. Brian Fong says:

    The movie that I chose is Super Size Me, an American documentary, filmed and directed by Morgan Spurlock. The documentary conducts an experiment to see how much weight he gains by eating McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days in a month. One of the problems in the country that some people talk about is obesity. The question is why is obesity at problem in this country ?Obesity has been one of the biggest problems in the country due to the fact some people are not active and not eating many healthy foods in their diet. However, this movie expresses this experiment perfectly because he gained a number of pounds from his starting weight from 180 to at least over 200 pounds from all that fast food that he has consumed. Did the writer expresses the central of obesity or could it be other problems ?

    • Woo Ree Heor says:

      Good effort. I’m curious about your final question because it implies that you have other interpretations about the central message of Super Size Me; what would be the “other problems” that the director addresses (or fails to address) along with obesity? If there are problematic aspects you’ve observed about this documentary, what are they and why do you find them troubling? Also, researching the existing controversy about this documentary would help you find clearer direction.

  11. Jackeline says:

    The film I chose is Black Swan directed by Darren Aronofsky. The film is about a Psychological horror film about a ballerina(Natalie Portman) who suffers from Paranoid schizophrenia. She feels pressure from her new compitition(mila Kunis) and deals with a dysfunctional family dynamic(mainly her mom). The production requires her to transform from an innocent white swan to a dark and sensual black swan. In a way it is reflective of what’s happening to her in real life with her dance director. Nina(Natalie portman) feel a lot of pressure and breaks at the end of the story. She loses grip on reality and spirals out of control. The Questions raised by the movie are:

    • Jackeline says:

      Is the pursuit of perfection worth the emotional stress?

      • Woo Ree Heor says:

        Good start. As discussed today, you could examine the way Nina is portrayed as “monstrous” due to her mental instability, and think about why and how the movie portrays her that way. You might ask yourself; does the environment or society affect Nina’s descent into madness in some way? Would you argue that although monstrous, she is really the victim here?

  12. Sherin Azad says:

    The exhibit which I am researching is documentary discussing the rising obesity rates in America. The documentary breaks down the rising rates in correlation to changing nutrition and dietary habits. It’s heavily debated exactly which changes over time have caused these rising rates. “Fed Up, alleges it all boils down to a simple substance most of us consume every day: sugar. The pushers of “the new tobacco,” according to the film, are the food industry and our own government.” (NPR). I will research the validity of some of these claims and find out more about the epidemic. My main questions will be:
    Is childhood obesity truly rising at the alarming rate which is being presented? and
    Is Fed Up properly portraying the negative effects of sugar or simple attempting to reach a larger audience?

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