Exercise 2.3

Estimated time: 2 hours
Due by 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, October 17th

The goal of this exercise is to vividly describe your exhibit for your intended reader and to practice lens analysis.

First, review my comments about the potential exhibits you found for Exercise 2.2. If you need to find a different exhibit, you might check these websites: adsoftheworld.com, coloribus.com, www.adforum.com.

Review the Visual Analysis handout. Then, in one paragraph, vividly describe your exhibit. Start by stating what your exhibit is and when and where it was used (e.g. “This movie poster for King Kong was first released in print in America in 1933.”) Make sure that you focus on elements like: central image, composition, organization, setting, size, colors, shading, and text.

Review the Lens Analysis handout. Then, in a new paragraph, argue briefly but clearly that some specific aspect or element of your exhibit can be considered a “monster” or “monstrous” according to Cohen.

Post your response as a comment below.

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16 Responses to Exercise 2.3

  1. Bridget says:

    Visual Analysis:
    My poster is from a game called Call of Duty: Black Ops II and it was released in 2010 to promote its Zombie Horde Mode. In the poster it appears to show a zombie emerging from the shadows and its eyes are glowing white. The colors in the poster are dark colors like black and dark blue, which represent that the mode is scary and intense. The setting looks as if it is at night and there was a flash of lightening in the background for a more dramatic effect. The lettering for the word Zombies looks as if it’s a splatter of blood and someone wrote Zombies in it.

    Lens Analysis:
    This poster can be considered a “monster” because zombies are fearful, in a way, because they rise from the dead which is unnatural. According to Cohen, monsters never die and they always reappear. In this case, zombies come back from the dead and the first thing they usually do, is to cause harm towards others.

  2. Raj says:

    Visual Analysis:
    The poster that i choose is from a “Japanese- American Science Fiction Kaiju Film”, was released in April 27, 1956 in America and May 29, 1957 in Japan. In the poster Godzilla having long and sharp teeth looks like giant green or black dinosaur throwing out fire from its mouth. People looks screaming and running away from the fire in the picture. The colors in the poster looks yellow everywhere which shows that the fire is expanding all over the places. The letter GODZILLA is highlighted in red which symbolizes danger and blood. Again “King of the monster” in black large font symbolizes Godzilla as an enraged monster that can wipes out entire city.
    Lens Analysis:
    This poster can be considered a “monster” because Godzilla is dangerous that can produce atomic red or yellow heat ray from its mouth. According to Cohen, “monster comes to dwell among us” and “moster threatens to destroy not just individual member of society but the very cultural appartus through which individuality is constructed and allowed”. In this situation, Godzilla from its atomic heat ray of mouth can destroy not only single member but society as a whole.

  3. Deanna Barbarito says:

    The image I chose is a poster for the 2014 horror movie “It Follows.” The poster itself was created by the artist Akiko Stehrenberger. It depicts a young blonde woman, representative of the main character Jay; looking into her rear view mirror in horror at an unseen foe. The tag line “It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up.” is written on the top of the image in a small white font. The title of the movie is displayed on the bottom in a bold red font.
    This poster can be categorized as monstrous for any reasons; one being that it depicts the main character with a look of sheer horror at an attacker that we as the audience do not see. This relates to the fear of the unknown, and Cohen’s belief that a monster is uncategorizable, and we are unable to truly understand them. The tagline also relates to Cohen’s theses, as it shows that the unseen foe does not feel emotion, and will pursue the young girl until their unknown plan or goal is met.

  4. Moshe says:

    Visual Analysis:
    The poster I chose advertises the 2017 Annual Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival. The film festival was held in Los Angeles from October 5th till October 8th and in Orlando on October 21st. The Annual Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival was named Shriekfest. The skull head on the middle of the advertisement gives the viewer the anticipation that the film festival will have a horror theme to it. Furthermore, the font colors of white, black, and red add on to the idea of the intensity and horror of the film festival.
    Lens Analysis:
    This advertisement can be categorized under the monstrous category because it has a skull head on it. Usually skull heads are semiotics that are used to symbolize mortality. According to Cohen, monsters are immortal, which adds on to the fact of skull heads. The notion of death and mortality is brought back to life in the Annual Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival.

    Link of the advertisement: https://moviesfilmsandflix.com/2017/10/23/shriekfest-orlando-2017-film-festival-review/

  5. Visual Analysis:
    The advertisement I am using is a poster promoting season two of Stranger Things, a Netflix Original series, that was released on October 27th, 2017. In the poster, Will Byers is standing in what looks like ruins of a town. The ruins are a mix of blue and gray, it looks like there is a lot of webs covering the floor and the things still in the town like the stop sign, phone poles, and the arcade sign. It looks as if there dust like things flying around Will as well. It looks like it is pretty dark out, but the sky is a dark red color as well. There is a creature that is in the sky that looks very large and has a lot of legs. There is also lightning, which is one of the only sources of light in the poster, that is coming from the creature in the sky. There is also Will’s name is written on it as well, which appears that someone is saying his name. The Stranger Things 2 at the bottom is red as well because that is the color they always have the Series name in.

    Lens Analysis:
    This poster can be considered “monstrous” because of the creature that appears in the sky. The creature looks very unusual and creepy. It is very difficult to understand what the actual creature is which causes the fear of the unknown. The way the whole setting looks very dark, and how the sky changed to dark red which is not normal, also causes fear for the people in the show, and the people watching. Cohen says that monsters “refuse easy categorization,” which is a very good way to describe the creature in the sky in this poster. This poster colors, and the things pictured in it gives the feeling that something bad is coming in season two of Stranger Things.

  6. Irene Macias says:

    This is a hair dryer ad from Teen Mag which was released on December 1972. In this image we can see a happy bald girl holding a hair dryer. It’s a vintage ad with big and small letters, its very organize since their main point its in the top where the buyer would be able to see that quickly, and a brief explanation in smaller letters about the dryer. The colors are a washed but that’s only because that was the style back then.

    This ad itself its making fun of the girl because why would you need a hair dryer if you are bald which was my first reaction. What draws my attention is that even though its making fun or, its not useful for her she is still smiling and holding that dryer like she actually needed it. In the other hand the visual text is not my favorite because its straight up making fun of the fact that this girl doesn’t have hair but its fun to have it. Then I read the small letters on the bottom and they actually say “But its also a nice replacement for your teddy bear”. This text makes me feel bad to even think about buying a hair dryer. In this ad I actually thought how can people be so cruel and make fun of a teenager, knowing those are the hardest years of some girls lives. This ad makes me try to stand up and tell these magazines that its not okay to use teenagers insecurities as a form of revenue to sell your product. I guess this text reminds me of people buying iphone’s and not having hands to use it. This ad explains Cohens views of monsters also because like the ad say if this monstrous girl can use a dryer well so can any other normal person. Like a monster doesn’t have to be scary looking or have monstrous features to be a monster, even just a person without hair people can considered her a monster. Like Cohen says ” Monster can be just someone different since society are scare of change.

  7. Visual Analysis:
    The image I chose advertisement for Quiksilver, series of “Deep Blue” were created by Saatchi & Saatchi and released in 2008. In the poster, basically, we can only see two colors, one is blue, and another is black. The creator used deep blue jeans to create fish and sea creatures on the black background, used the zipper as a mouth and teeth, and also used the buttons as eyes. In addition, they created a strong light on the fish’s face to make it look fiercer.

    Lens Analysis:
    The poster can be considered monstrous because the creature looks abnormal and scary. It makes us think what is relevant between denim and fish like denim and ocean both are blue. According to Cohen states that “monster refuse easy categorization”, which describe the creature you never know what is the embodiment. For example, the advertisement creates a denim of fish if the meaning is when you wear this kind of denim in the water that you also are able to swim like fish. The advertisement gives. However, it creates a spirit of brave for us.

  8. Yixiao Chen says:

    Visual Analysis:
    In the picture is a woman standing in the office, a document has just dropped from the hands. The horror is that the woman has only her body and limbs but no head.
    Lens Analysis:
    This picture, In fact, it reflects a state of people’s when they do the work that they do not like. People just repeat their job day by day, but they do not use the brain to think. When I look at this image, I feel that the woman is a monster because she stands but there is no head. After the comment of the image, I understand that the mean of the image. It responses a kind of person that just coping with work and no think about that. If a human does not have a head, he/she cannot live, but in the image, the woman is standing in the office. As Cohen state that the monster doesn’t fall into neat easy categorize that is known to us. This ad through the monster to reflect the working condition of some human.

  9. Brian Fong says:

    Visual Analysis:
    The image I chose is the newest movie that came out “Venom” which was released recently on October 5, 2018. In the poster, it shows how the organism from another planet can change a person’s body functions and actions.
    Lens Analysis
    This movie is considered monstrous because evil scientists were examining organisms from another planet and using humans as guinea pigs to test their experiments to see who is the perfect host for each person and one of the host was the main character Eddie Brock, a reporter.

  10. Jackeline says:

    Visual Analysis:
    The poster I chose is from Venom a film from Marvel that came out this fall. The poster is dark, consists of a lot of shadows-suggesting a more ominous theme. The poster carries a close up/central image of the monster: half of Venoms face and half of Tom Hardy’s face. It has a text/ caption reading “The world has enough superheroes” atop the close-up, alluding to the fact that venom will be an antagonist and therefore the watcher should anticipate action, destruction and chaos from the main character and film in general. There is a small contrast in color between Hardy and venoms side. Where Venom face is all black and background is all black as well, Hardys side has a white background, his skin is still flesh colored and he is wearing a blue possibly collared shirt. Venoms facial expression: a mischievous large smile showing his not-so pearly and sharp/jagged teeth. Hardys facial expression: a serious expression with a slight hint of contempt.
    Lense Analysis
    The poster for Marvel’s Venom exhibits elements that are considered monstrous by Cohens words. The most obvious is that the close up which consists of Venom (the villain)and Tom Hardy (a human). Cohen stated in one of his thesis that a monster refuses easy categorization. In “Thesis III: The Monster is a Harbinger of Category Crisis” he takes a quote from the creator of Alien explaining it (the monster) defies every law natural law of evolution and embodies Darwinian and Lamarckian principles. The fact that Venom transforms into Tom Hardy shows this. There is no categorization for a creature like Venom and a human being. A breed name doesn’t exist for Venom( is he an alien?a reptile?) much less is there abreed name for Venom and a human being. Its adaptation to switch into venom shows how when angered shows Darwinian principles meaning its evolving to survive

  11. Hedy Chou says:

    I chose PETA’s ad in regards to products made from exotic animal skin. The images feature fashion items made from animal skin. However when inspecting the inside of the product you see the skin,blood, muscle and organs of the original animal instead of the usual lining. The image displays a common object with a gory center. It directs your view towards the bloody substance since it is not something one would expect from a jacket or a hand bag. The light fleshy colors also stand out from the dark leather.

    In thesis III, cohen mentioned “a form suspended between forms that threatens to mash distinctions.. the monster notoriously appears at times of crisis as the kind of third therm that problematical the clash of the extremes. As seen PETA made this ad purposely to gauge attention of viewers and to inform them about animal abuse. The image it self is suspended between the reality of the finished product and the reality of the process to make the product. The image it self is an extreme reality of the situation at hand.

  12. Xinmiao Xu says:

    Visual Analysis:
    The poster I’m using is from the horror movie “Annabelle”. This movie was directed by John.R.Leonetti and first released in America in 2014. The poster mainly uses black, white ash, and dark red to create a feeling of depression. The center of the poster is a simulated doll. She has blond curly hair and wearing an expensive white evening dress. But her face looks very strange, it looks almost like real people dead with a strange face. The doll has a young little girl’s body but her face is full makeup. Her eyes almost occupy one-third of her face which is very scary looking. Her mouth is covered with a bloody red lipstick and keeps a strange smile. The background of this poster is a forest at night and the end of this forest is a little house which made the whole poster likes scary and mysterious.
    Lens Analysis
    This poster can be considered “monstrous” for several reasons. First of all, the normal doll always looks sweet and pretty but this doll looks strange and scary which is very unconventional and unnatural. Cohen said that “the monster dwells at the gates of difference. Secondly, the doll looks very like a real lady who died in a strange way and wish to come back to revenge. As Cohen mentioned “the monsters are immortal” and “the monster is the harbinger of category crisis.”

  13. Amber says:

    Visual Analysis:

    The Ad i’ve chosen is from a Greenpeace “Straws Suck” campaign used from the agency Rethink and they released this campaign this past July. In this ad they show a turtle in a cup of ice and the straw is placed inside of the turtles mouth. They have a saying on the bottom of the poster in white font saying “Dont suck the life from our oceans”. They also have two other ads that are part of this campaign with the same concept of the straw coming out of a fishes mouth as well as a gull’s mouth.

    Lens Analysis:

    This as can be categorized as monstrous because to some this can be graphic of how they are displaying the straw in these animals mouths. The message they are trying to relate to the viewers are that they want to diminish straws from being used entirely because it is polluting the oceans. While plastic is continuously polluting our waters, it is being eaten by animals of the sea because the plastic is being mistaken for food and it gets stuck in their stomach which are making them sick. Also with the fish getting plastic stuck in their stomachs, when fisherman are capturing and opening the fish, garbage comes out of their stomach and it is no longer good to eat, which then makes a shortage in food to sell which then raises prices on the food that is good to eat because it is now becoming limited due to all of the pollution in the ocean due to plastic alone, not only straws, everything plastic.

  14. christos says:

    Visual Analysis: My poster is about the scary movie called Halloween. Its released in 2018 before Halloween. In the people we see a scary man`s face with a white mask on he looks very scary. The background on the poster is black and the name of the movie is showing on the bottom of the picture.

    Lens Analysis: The picture is considers “monster” because Halloween it’s a time of the dead and the man that is on the picture is a killer that comes out on Halloween day and kills people. On that day everyone will be on the streets and he will also there watching at us. It’s also a “monster” picture because its only a scary people and nothing else because that is the point of the movie to get us scared about the “monster ”

  15. Sherin Azad says:

    Visual Analysis: The image I chose is part of a gender equality campaign for women. In the image we see an Indian women who’s features are extremely exxagerated to monstrous proportions. Her eyes are inhumanly large and her skin tone takes this rather fearsome red tone. Taking a step past the woman we see her being silenced by a hand. However, it seems like the hand of a man with a blue tone.

    Lens analysis: When truly looking at this poster it seems to scream monstrous. Cohens work discussed the depth and breadth of monster culture, key word being culture, and I believe this ad is depicting some of those monstrous themes. The artwork was very obviously made in the form that it is to depict a form of monster culture which in this scenario was coined as “manterruption”.

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